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Hope you all are doing just fantastic, I know I am with Spring finally here! Which means beautiful bright colors are making an appearance in the fashion world! 

For today's style inspiration, I want to talk about accessories. I will help show an example of ways to make a solid color top pop, and look like you did so much, when really you just added a few tiny pieces. 

First things first, we need a top. To go with the spring color theme here, I of course had to choose this adorable sage blouse! The stunning tiered ruffles add layers and uniqueness, but still is fairly simple which makes it a perfect piece to incorporate little accents!

There are various ways you could jazz up this top, but I chose to layer a couple necklaces, a handkerchief scarf, and a beautiful pearl hat which adds pops of color and extra style. 

I love layering necklaces,  I just think it's so fun to mix various colors and designs together to make it look like one lovely piece! All you need is 2 or more necklaces. I wanted to include some extra sparkle and another color with the sage, so I picked this fabulous lavender stone and crystal beaded circle necklace!

Now, let's talk about handkerchief scarves! They are one of my favorite accessories to add with so many options of how to wear them: in your hair, around your wrist, tied on your purse, and, the way I styled this outfit, around your neck! The scarf adds extra bursts of color and a light layer that is perfect for the warmer spring weather! 

For the final touch, I topped it off with a gorgeous straw hat including a touch of glam with the sprinkle of pearls! 

I hope this blog gave you some inspiration! You, of course, don't have to follow this exact example, but share a picture of ideas you've come up with, I'd love to see! 



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