Striped Blazer


I am loving blazers right now! I used to believe they were only for business events or office jobs; however, I was certainly mistaken. 

There are so many ways to wear a blazer, take the one in the picture for example. It's jazzed up a bit with the stripes that aren't just a neutral color, but a soft sky blue which adds an extra touch. Now, don't go thinking just because it's bright blue it can't go with much because there are so many variations you can style this super adorable blazer with, just have to think outside of the box. And that is why I am here to help to give some useful tips so you can start creating your own unique trends.

First thing is to take a closer look at the picture, notice anything? The cami worn with the jacket has a different pattern, and it doesn't look bad does it? (well I hope you were thinking no, lol) I paired this up with the jacket because my rule is that as long as the contradicting patterns have at least one color in common, it can be worn together. 

Secondly, blazers, or suit jackets, can be styled with more than just dress pants. As you can see the beautiful model (otherwise known as my mother) is wearing the blazer with a jean skirt. This gives it more of a dressy casual look which would be perfect for going out on a nice spring day to shop, hang out with friends, or a casual party.

I hope this was helpful, my advice for you is to try it out at home. Start mixing patterns; wear your suit jacket with some jeans, and see how it makes your fashion go from neutral to BOLD.

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