Styling A Dress In The Summer


I missed blogging so sorry it's been a really long time since I have done one, oops:)

It has been unbearably hot outside, and when it is like this, it's very hard to put together outfits cause pretty much anything anyone wants to do it where shorts and a tank top (I completely understand). However, I wanted to tell you ways that can help with that dilemma. For instance, this beautiful dress. As you can see the dress is already unique with its ruffles and spotted black dots; finding something that is similar to this idea is a perfect way to look stylish and presentable without dying of heat stroke, lol.

Another way to make your summer outfit pop is accessories! For this outfit I paired it with the beautiful black pearl detailed fedora hat. I love it so much because of the extra girly details and it goes with so many outfits; plus, hats are a great way to cover up your hair if you are worried about the heat messing it up, and they are so cute! For jewelry, I paired this ensemble with a beautiful boho layered statement piece necklace that is absolutely stunning! I love these kinds of necklaces because of how they jazz up anything from t-shirts to dresses, and you don't have to add to much with it.

Finally, I wanted to add some color so I finished this look with some red short boots.

I hope you all enjoyed my blogging session! If you ever need some tips or help ideas don't be afraid to contact me, and you can also make a fashion consulting appointment wear you will have my full, undivided attention ;)

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