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Hey Guys! 

I know it has been awhile since I did a fashion blog, so for that, I apologize. But I am here now, so let's get started!

If you follow me on social media @ariasatticboutique, you would have seen this super cute outfit idea that I posted, and I just wanted to come on here and break it down piece by piece. As you can see, there are quite a bit of items included in this ensemble from a retro tee to a ruffled skirt. First Let's talk about this super cute t-shirt!

I absolutely love these new tees I just recently added to my store location and online! It is really in right to wear looser fitting clothes especially a cute oversized sweater or shirt, like this one. An added bonus is if it includes a cute graphic design, and this shirt has one of the best ones ever! It's stylish and meaningful with the rustic retro butterfly symbol and its words, "Be Kind"! Another very popular fashion statement is styling a casual item to be dressier, just add some jazz! One way to do that is pairing a cute tee with a fabulous skirt!

This skirt is one of my favs right now because it is feminine and modest, but has flair with the ruffles at the bottom and the black/white spotted pattern! Having a skirt versatile in style is a wonderful fashion choice. Fancy it up with a formal blouse, or dress it casual with a cute tee! To give the tshirt more shape and flow better with the skirt, tie a knot or tuck it in. Now, this step is optional, but I am a big fan of layering so I added some denim.

You can seriously never go wrong with denim in your wardrobe from jeans, to jackets, to dresses, it goes with everything! This item is so unique and awesome on its own because it's a dress, that is made out of denim! Add different pops of color and pattern with shoes and accessories. So "Why is this dress part of the blog outfit" you may ask? Well, another wonderful plus to this piece is you can unbutton it to be an extra layer that is the finishing touch to an ensemble!

Just add some gorgeous accessories, and you are all set to rock this look!

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps inspire you! Comment your thoughts, and send me a picture if you choose to try it out, I'd love to see! 



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