About the Owner

Hello! My name is Aria Skaggs I am the owner of Aria's Attic Boutique and I wanted to share my testimony and journey into becoming the business owner I am today.

Throughout my life, I have always loved fashion as It was my way to be creative and unique. After graduating high school it was hard trying to find my path in life and I forgot who I was for awhile. But my relationship with God and fashion was always a constant and I wanted to find a way to utilize both, to influence, and be an example as a follower of Christ. I started to have this vision of owning a boutique that had the latest trends and styles, but was still modest. A boutique showing women we don’t have to wear clothes that reveal too much in order to feel loved and desired, because God loves us no matter what we look like or wear. However, I became discouraged when I saw how much it would take to start something like this and kind of put it to the side. I began to think I was too young with not enough experience and I would never be successful.

But, then I heard about this boutique in Nappanee called “Chic & Fearless” owned by a wonderful couple by the names of Brock & Hanna Bemiller. They were hoping to sell their boutique in order to focus on their family. Hearing about this opportunity and meeting with them started to give me hope again to fulfill my dreams. They were an answer to my prayers! I couldn’t of asked for a better couple to with which to start this journey. Everything I desired to achieve and my heart for fashion lined up exactly with what they were already doing. Because of their passion for God and desire to see their foundational goal of inspiring and encouraging women continue, they have done everything in their power to make this a possibility for me! They are such a blessing, I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for them. God knew exactly what I needed and I found purpose, but only by trusting in Him.

I know my life purpose is not just to sell clothing for women, but to use that as a resource to inspire, encourage, and share God's love throughout the community and hopefully throughout the world too! I just want to let every customer know that you are loved and you are desired no matter where you are in life. Please remember that! Thank you for listening and letting me share my testimony with you!